: brake line rusted?

06-29-11, 10:12 PM
96 seville. brake fluid leak under drivers feet area. low pedal, brake light is on. i see the MC is pretty simple on my car. 2 lines come out and than go to a distribution block below the MC and i figure the lines than go forward to the abs module and than back towards the rear of car. i think the lines drop down the firewall and than run towards the rear of car along frame rail. its the area under firewall that i heard like to rust. anyway thats where the leak is. will crawl under car tomorrow and see. from all my prior brake line work. it seems you make up new lines to fit as none are really available from dealer.

johnny kannapo
07-01-11, 02:21 PM
You have 2 lines that come off the block & run down the rocker panel uni-body rail. This is probably the common place for these to rust. 1 of those lines share loom with the 3 fuel lines under there. A 3rd brake line nearby goes across the sub frame to the rt. ft. wheel.

I could see the lines being more susceptible to rust out right where they bend up to contour the floor/firewall because the protective coating on the tubeing is stretched at the bend and the enviroment is horrid behind the front wheel in road salty Minnesota.

This is where I had to splice in a fuel line section & those plastic
lines would normally be hanging free at this point.


johnny kannapo
07-04-11, 11:34 PM