: Problems With New/Oldish Windscreen

06-28-11, 11:30 PM
Hate to bring in yet another discussion involving windscreens, but I have had a windscreen from Wind Restrictor for about three months and I have a question about it. The windscreen won't light up at all. I've tried messing with just about everything, and I can't get it to come on. I am pretty sure a diode went out and it kind of sucks. Do their windscreens normally do this? Also, it looks okay, but I still feel air buffeting from the sides and a little from the back. It's not going so hot for me guys. Anyone else with the same problems? I'll probably be buying another one shortly, but not from them again.

06-29-11, 06:16 PM
The wind will always come from the sides and the only way that you could block all of the back air would have it be 2 foot tall. It does a good job for its height.
Have you tried to plug it into a battery other than your car. If it lights with it, then it is your connections. You might have connected to the wrong red wires in the trunk well. There are 2 sets of red, one for the top motor and the other one for your lights. The light one is hard to find and is lower in the area and could be tape wrapped to cover the color. If you cannot find it write back and I will go open mine up and get you a better description of where to find it. It is hard to burn out a led bulb. Once it is running it is neat to flash the crest to the cars behind you, when braking. Your next complaints will be the bright glow when you are backing up with your foot on the brake. You can see nothing. It is also hard to see in the daylight when backing, because of the forward reflection in the plastic, it is like a mirror. You have to use your outside mirrors for everything. It is still the best looking screen out there.

07-01-11, 08:08 PM
Also, it looks okay, but I still feel air buffeting from the sides and a little from the back.

Is this buffeting with the windows up or down? Windscreens are most effective with the windows UP.