: Trip to Italy

06-28-11, 04:09 PM
Hi all,

just got back from a trip to Italy .. I recently acquired a 59 plate BLS wagon to replace my aging Volvo S80 .. have to say the BLS performed well and cruised nicely at 90mph with spurts up to 120mph (germany only!!!)
trip was about 2000 miles all up and averaged 49.8 mpg. I found the car to be comfortable and easy to drive with the only criticism being the lack of feedback from the steering which can have you drifting if not careful .. but I got used to it after the second time!!

All up a good experience and in my opinion is up there with the best and a no regrets replacement for the Volvo. (but don't tell everybody else they'll all want one!!)
Happy motoring

06-28-11, 05:10 PM
do you have any pictures of the BLS on the trip ?

I have to agree the car is one of the most comfortable I've ever owned !

06-29-11, 06:21 AM
Sorry it was abusiness trip so no pics .. but here is one of it at home

06-30-11, 12:11 PM
Parchment silver?

Looks same as mine. Apart from clean, silver wheels that is. Mine are always black within a week of washing them.

No regrets from me about the BLS either, but I would like to be able to update the SatNav to have postcode entry and more recent maps. I might also try some different tyres once the original ones are worn out, perhaps that will make the steering feedback a little less vague, but I appreciate it is not meant to be a sports car.

07-01-11, 04:00 AM
What tyres has yours got ?
I've got the Pirelli P Zero Rosso's and I cant fault them, great grip excellent tyre wear and not a great deal of road noise.

07-03-11, 05:22 AM
My BLS TDi 150 auto-wagon came with Pirelli P7s, I assumed that everyone's came with those as standard. I will be looking or something better when they have worn out.

07-03-11, 10:09 AM
Mine came withthe Rosso's, still have the back pair from day one with just 30005 miles on them. still going strong and plenty of tread left.
I replaced the front ones at 27K I think.

07-04-11, 09:35 AM
Hi All .. not parchment silver but a sort of greenish colour .. depends on the light!!!

Rear tyres are pirellis P7 some rubbish on the front .. vendor put the cheapest possible .. anyway will replace when I can afford it not sure yet what with. I had goodyears on the volvo they were fairly quiet. any advice??


07-04-11, 10:19 AM
The P Zero Rosso's have been great for me, but I have always like p6000's aswell.

I had some Dunlops on a old Bora I had and they were sooooo noisey!