: Need to find a classic Caddy forum..Help!

62 Coupe
10-16-04, 11:27 PM
Hello , I like this forum but most posts are for new or at least 20 year old Caddy's. Is there a forum where old school classic Caddys get most of the attention? Mine is a 62 Coupe DeVille.....Thanks for any help in advance...

Fred Fachman
10-17-04, 04:06 AM
Lots of Cadillac sites on the web. Do a Google search. I don't know if the webmaster will let me post this but The Cadillac LaSalle club is an excellent source of information on classic Caddies. Their forums are almost all pre 1970 and the members are very knowledgeable. I love the '62. Dad bought a new 1962/62 series sedan in late '61. Good luck and welcome to this wonderful forum.