: Alternator Conversion - '67 Fleetwood 75

06-27-11, 01:23 PM
Hi guys -

Been a while since I posted here as progress on my '67 is SLOOOOOOOW. But it is happening. :)

Prior to my ownership someone replaced the generator with a recent alternator, but I don't think it's installed correctly. It does charge correctly, but my "GEN" light is on 24x7, even with the key off (although it's VERY dim with they key off). I had the same situation on my '62 Falcon as a result of bad wiring, but it was a 1-wire conversion and pretty straightforward to figure out. The Fleetwood has a three or four wire alternator and I'm not sure what does what. I don't know how to wire it up to properly bypass the voltage regulator, which I think is what the problem is right now.

Is there a common source of these conversions? Anyone done this before & can offer some tips?