: Removing the center air vent above the nav screen

06-26-11, 08:33 PM
I read the FAQ about removing the vent and it says "Pull it out"......from where? Do you pull the vent knobs toward you until the vent pops loose or do you pry behind the edges of the vent to pull it loose? I don't want to risk damaging something adjacent if there is an easy way to get the vent pulled out.

Mike (not very mechanical)

06-26-11, 09:46 PM
It does indeed just pop out. The easiest way would be to go to any hardware store, walmart, etc to the paint deptartment, and buy a couple plastic putty knives. Slide them in behind the bezel and just start prying.

As an aside, the hvac bezel below the radio requires you to remove the ashtray and there is a screw to be taken out. Then the hvac bezel pops off the same way.

06-27-11, 03:21 AM
Thanks, Jimmy!

Mike (will be dodging WalMartians this afternoon)

06-27-11, 12:55 PM
Also, the first time you remove it is a little difficult. After that it gets easier. Mine was removed and replaced so many times, I could pull it off easily by hand.