: How many left?

06-26-11, 06:07 PM

cadillac londoner
06-27-11, 07:02 AM
So you saw Top Gear as well!

Would like to know why 9 are kept sorned? BLS is hardly summer only toy is it?

Programme also featured 50th anniversary of E Type Jag. Surprisingly there are over 5,000 left in UK (common as muck!) but how comes 43 were registered for the first time in 2010?

An intersting website though.

06-27-11, 01:08 PM
was about to say you watched Top Gear then !

06-27-11, 02:02 PM
Top Gear it was!!I was not too impressed with the first of a new series.

06-27-11, 05:08 PM
no me niehter it was a poor first episode 4.5 out of 10

11-25-11, 05:18 AM

Having now only just looked at that link, and if the bottom table is believed to be correct, it appears only 606 BLS were sold in the UK from 2006 to 210 - period!

I have seen several 'write offs' advertised over the last couple of years, so I guess we're probably down to about 500 odd left. And there was me thinking a couple of thousand had been sold in the UK! No wonder I only see one in a very blue moon on our roads!

11-25-11, 06:10 AM
Those stats are quite confusing as if you take licensing per quarter in 2010 it adds up to over 2000 .. but if you do a search for bls on the same page you get licences by model and that adds up to 723!!

but it still not as many as I thought either way

11-26-11, 06:13 AM
Well Wikipedia states that there have been build 7356 BLS in different versions at Saab Trollhätten.

So they have to be rare in every state they have been sold.

Nevertheless what keeps me interested: Whats going on at Avtotor in Russia? Several sources say that in Kaliningrad they started 2009 the production at AVTOTOR just after the production end at SAAB. Do they still deliver the BLS? If yes are the parts the same? Thinking about the spareparts situation.

Best regards


11-26-11, 08:52 AM
Good thinking Thorsten .. who do we know in Russia????

11-27-11, 07:00 AM
if you youtube the bls there's loads of russians with them now