: Passenger airbag sensor

06-26-11, 08:55 AM
In Feb '11 my service airbag light came on and I noticed that the airbag off light was showing on the rearview mirror. Upon investigation I found where Cadillac was having a recall(10V-644000) on this problem on select 2005 CTS. I called my local Cadillac dealer and was told my vehicle was not involved per GM records. I called Cadillac customer service and was told the same thing. I asked why my vehicle would not be involved when I was having the problem described in the recall. I was told I could wait to see if my vehicle would be recalled later or fix the problem at my cost now.If I had it repaired and later was involved in the recall I would be reimbursed. Inasmuch as waiting would negate the purpose of having a passenger airbag when someone was in the passenger seat, I had the problem fixed at a cost of $451.78. How can I get someone in authority at Cadillac to review my case? My vehicle had 34,523 miles on it when it was repaired on 3/7/11. VIN 1G6DP567150157058. I purchased the vehicle new in Dec '04

07-03-11, 02:59 PM
So much for this site for help. I am getting the same response (NONE AT ALL) from the Cadillac Customer Care Representative as I have from all oether Cadillac representatives. I guess when you are owned by the government you feel you can ignore your customers ( or should I say an ex costumers). I will not buy another government motors vehicle and will encourage everyone I know to do the same. This will be my last post on this website as I will not associate with a loser like Cadillac or government motors in the future.