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canada g
06-25-11, 11:21 PM

Can somebody recommend me a plug and play HID kit.


Smokin' SRX
06-26-11, 10:06 AM
WELCOME! Pls fill in your Profile as to Model of SRX that you have. Makes a diff in our answers. But I assume you have a Base or Luxury model since you're asking......

There is much talk about this subject and I've not seen an easy/quick solution. Hard to get to, then hard to adapt as entire housing is different. I recall the Daytime Running Lites are wired diff also and you have to add an adapter of sorts. I would just add Fog lamps with some bright bulbs and drive w/them on. Someone posted the OE fogs from Caddy were about $500 pair and stay separate from Headlites for a simpler install.

Anyway here is a thread where some have done it with details. (read all!) Not for the faint hearted as it's mechanical AND electrical adapting both. Take a look and decide yourself. I think someone else did it but can't find it in Search...


Pls read the entire thread I reference (2 pages) before deciding anything. Best of luck and pls let us know how you make out!


06-28-11, 08:07 AM
I have aftermarket HID's on my car. It's not a quick job but you can do it in about three hours or so. Here is a link: http://www.cadillacforums.com/forums/cadillac-srx-second-generation-forum-2010/221224-aftermarket-hid-lights-base-luxury-models.html http://www.cadillacforums.com/forums/cadillac-srx-second-generation-forum-2010/221215-diy-removal-front-bumper-access-lights.html?highlight=diy+front+bumper+removal
If you need help email me I also have about ten pictures of what to do that will help.

canada g
06-28-11, 09:50 PM

I will pickup my cadi this thursday. Hid will be after my vacation.
I will install also dvd headrests

06-20-12, 12:42 PM
There are several "Plug and play" HID kits offered that claim that they do not require the disassembly that others do. I took the offer from the one company on this site to install their kit, take pictures and allow them to use them in their ads of this kit for the SRX. They have not responded. I do believe that someone will develop a true plug and play kit that uses everything in our cars plus the ballast and relays if needed without taking the entire front of the car off and removing the fuse box, cutting wires and re-installing all of it without any errors. Anyone who has ever worked with Detroit's fasteners knows that to remove anything from one of their autos without BREAKING at least one fastener or mounting tab is wishful thinking. It can be done but if there is no diagram of where the tabs are it is very easy to break one or have one of the plastic fasteners break while removing it. I have installed many things to all of my autos and there is nothing more disappointing than to break a tab that is required to re-mount the piece that was removed. bclemons has done a great job of his installation but I do not consider taking the entire front bumper off as a simple installation nor do I consider it a one man job, at least for me.