: 2002 STS, EBC Black Dash rotors, Redstuff ceramic pads

06-25-11, 06:48 PM
5 weeks ago, up the road at my neighbor's transmission shop, we installed a 4 wheel set of EBC Gen3 Black Dash rotors and Redstuff new compound ceramic pads. Straightforward brake change, by the book, just over 2.5 hours.

We checked each new rotor for runout with a dial indicator and did not have to cut any of them. Break-in on these is maddening: for the first 100 miles of city/suburban driving, using increasing brake applications, there was a nasty front brake judder, steadily decreasing with accumulating mileage. Now, after 550 miles, the set is as smooth as glass and will stop the car from 135 mph in a very quick hurry, no fade. All 4 rotors appear to be chrome plated now. I followed the EBC breakin schedule accurately: they are correct-----the brakes were better and better every day. From dead cold they're better than stock; HOT they are miraculous. Why are the rotors black ? Zinc coated - the coating wears off only in the pad contact area during breakin - the rest of the rotor will not rust. The rear pads are not cut for wear sensors - not to worry: fronts wear faster. Simply roll up the existing sensor pigtail and wire tie it to the harness.

Happy camper.

1. New brake set
2. In the air
3. LR disassembly
4. LR EBC rotor workup
5. LR height sensor
6. LF after 75 miles
7. RR after 75 miles

06-25-11, 11:11 PM

Nice! How much for the set, and where did you buy them? Also, do you have the part numbers?

06-26-11, 05:05 PM
www.placeforbrakes.com (http://www.placeforbrakes.com), get to your car - all P/N's there. Use the banner at the top of the page for an additional 12% discount, free shipping from the EBC California warehouse. Prices change, and I bought these 13 months ago, so my guess is around $500 on your workbench.

EDIT: Why not go with slotted/dimpled ?? Two reasons: This is primarily a street car, so I wanted to stay away from any question of drilled/dimpled rotors cracking, and make no mistake about it - slots and dimples decrease the amount of braking surface, so the brakes work harder. I chose the best of both worlds, and am not into ricer bling.

Log on to www.ebcbrakes.com, get to Automotive, and do a LOT of reading and watching the various brake discussions therein. The sheer amount of non-partisan disc brake info is staggering.

johnny kannapo
06-27-11, 07:57 PM
Very sporty.

11-27-11, 04:09 PM
Hey Sub how are these working out for you ?

still quiet no noice smooth as glass ?

I have read some reviews of ppl complaining of Noisy breaks with Red Stuff Pads and EBC Rotors

I am about to order a set for the rear im going to put the Red Stuff pads on with the EBC Slotted rotors
im just putting them on the rears because i need rear now i won't need the front for about

4 or 5 more months
i have a good 30k left on the front pads it think before they start grinding right now i think i have about 20k on them at the time

but my rear pads have more like 65-70k on them i think

im not sure if i want to go with Slotted or just get the Solid EBC rotors
but i know im going to do the fronts with the Slotted and the Red Stuff pads when its time so im going to go with the Red Stuff pads for the rear
and i think because ill put Slotted on the front next spring i don't wan to mix them up and ill just put Slotted on the rear now

so are they working out
i think i read in your Album you had to do a 750 mile brake in driving ?

also the wear sensors won't work for the Rear pads but they will for the fronts ?
is this correct


the other thing im thinking of is AcDelco or Bendix solid rotors with the Red Stuff pads

so just curious to see how they are working for you and still smooth and quiet ?

11-27-11, 04:45 PM
I answered your similar question in my album picture comment post.

Smooth, quiet, powerful. No complaints.