: Just turned 50,000 miles on 2010 with in service date of March 15, 2010 review

06-25-11, 12:55 AM
At the 50,000 mile mark in roughly 15 months of ownership (in-service date of March 15, 2010), I have to say that Cadillac really threw the baby out with the bathwater on this one.

After ridding myself of the wife, her in-laws, and the rest of her nasty family, I traded in my 07 Denali XL on something more useful for me and my two sons ages 5 and 3. I picked the SRX because I liked the redesign and the DVD players in the headrests came in handy on long trips. That's about the only positive things I can say about this $55,000 POS. In fifteen months, my SRX has been to the dealership over 7 times for warranty-related issues. This last time, when my right front wheel bearing went out, they put me in a 2008 SRX. That's when I realized that Cadillac went backwards on this model.

For starters, the rear AC is a joke. Two tiny vents that are positioned in the center console. The previous model placed the vents on each side overhead with plenty of fan speed. Not so with the 2010 and newer SRX. Pitiful at best! And unless you want to have your stereo and in-cabin audio levels greatly diminished, expect to fry in the front seats during the summer if you don't want the fan speed over level 2.

Aside from the factory recalls, my entire computer and NAV system had to be replaced because it couldn't figure out how to adjust for daylight savings time. Makes you wonder if your car is really made in America. And just as I turned 50,000 miles, my right front wheel bearing went out.

Cadillac sold the SRX short. Where's the room of the older model? (Do a comparison betwen the two). Where's the V8 and horsepower?? (This model is VASTLY underpowered). Where's the powered folding third row seat???? (Check out the 09 and earlier versions).

However, ONE OF THE BIGGEST FAULTS I HAVE FOUND WITH THIS POS is the "chrome appearance wheel covers". The salesman pointed out that the wheel covers that are made to look like 20" chrome wheels are actually "plastic chrome appearance wheel covers" that look just like the real thing- thus making any scratches or curb rashes easy to fix by just replacing the plastic part! WHAT A LOAD OF BS!!!!! They are epoxied to the wheel assembly!! If you have to replace them you have to replace the entire wheel assembly!!! At a cost of $699 per wheel!! That's more than what it would have cost for me to buy custom after-market 20" chrome wheels and it would have cost me only $75 per wheel to be fixed if I curbed them!!!

Too bad they didn't keep what they had and just changed the outward appearance.

06-25-11, 09:47 AM
Just your opinion and experience. I love mine and get great service from my dealer.

06-25-11, 10:57 AM
Same here BG

06-25-11, 11:24 AM
Same here also. I have a great dealer. Had an 08 pros and cons on both series.
But i like my 2010.

06-25-11, 11:51 AM
I have nothing bad to say about my 2010 AWD Prem SRX. Nothing bad at all.

Smokin' SRX
06-25-11, 11:53 AM
Rough year for you in general I see. I'm sorry to hear. I also have a relative where I look up at the sky, whenever she's around, expecting to see "surrender Dorothy" written in the clouds!

I owned first generation V-8, 2004 SRX for 4 years. Different beast entirely. Did you test drive the 2010 SRX? Never meant to be in the 6 passenger segment as previous model. Smaller by design. Yes first year models do have some Service Bulletins usually. But both the earlier model AND this 2010 had eng options available. Did that same salesmen lie to you there too? Yes sales guys do lie sometimes. But basic stuff always depends on you being able to discern if any product fits your needs subjectively.

As for the wheel bearing and other problems you had ( and I do believe you as our forum has generously revealed a small percentage of bad SRX's verified, like any brand has--------stand in front of any Toyotas lately? Don't!!. I am also less than thrilled with the chrome wheels damage cost, but I knew chrome always is a maintenance/problem issue. I replaced one years ago for $400 and I did not care as I love the look! Period. But that sales guy snookered you on this. His bad. Welcome to the Club! First new car you ever bought?

In all honesty, you may have had a lemon but you really need to thoroughly Test Drive, check equipment/features better next time. Especially the A/C , since you may live in FL! No car is perfect for all folks/regions.

Hopefully you had the wheel bearing covered under the 50,000 mile powertrain warranty (since it is a drive train part). Either way, I'd trade her in if I was you............very slowly. I love mine and my standard wheelbase Yukon also...with GREAT A/C. The Hybrid gets great mileage too. And the 2012 Premium Model SRX has great Tri-mode A/C, vented front seats, with the terrific 3.6 eng ! Just a suggestion.

best of luck in your life in future and take care of those precious little guys!


Smokin' SRX
06-27-11, 10:51 AM
Hey, this may help....I just found out that there is a Caddy Customer Service Rep here on the Forum to complain/request help from.... Her name is Elizabeth and you click on "Cadillac Forum" rectangle, on top left of the main screen, then scroll down a bit to Customer Service header.

Cannot guaranty but if you paid out of pocket for that wheel bearing, she may be able to help. Be prepared with Vin # and date of purchase.
Good luck.