: noise coming from behind the dash

06-24-11, 05:28 PM
ive got a weird noise coming from behind the dash somewhere in my 07 ext. its like a rattling noise and it really only does it when i start the truck up. I have no idea what it could be, its getting louder and louder lately. Anyhow have a similar noise?

i dont exactly know what piston slap is but i dont think its that, its not a knocking noise, its a rattling, almost like a baby rattle toy rattling very slowly lol. its steady and doesnt change with speed or rpm influx. any ideas?

06-24-11, 06:03 PM
If you hear it ONLY when you start the truck it could be piston slap. Is this the type of noise you are referring to?


06-26-11, 01:35 PM
could be the A/C fan?

Cadillac Cust Svc
06-27-11, 04:19 PM

I am sorry to hear that you are experiencing this issue. It is possible that something fell down one of the vents?

Have you been to the dealer for this issue?

Thank you

Elizabeth, Cadillac Customer Service

06-28-11, 01:25 PM
i had a rattle on my 2010 that got progressively worse. it turned out to just be a loose dashboard screw.

07-05-11, 03:38 PM

I have a 2007 CTS and a have a weird electronic "gurgling" noise that is coming from the dash area. I know it is electronic because it will go on when I just turn the key and the car is not started. When I turn on the blower it seems to change the noise? After I shut the car off, it will stop but after a few minutes even when the key is removed, it will make the sound for about 30 seconds. Weird.

I think it is some type of a relay and plan on taking the lower part of the dash off and using a tube to pinpoint the source.