View Full Version : 2011 SRX 40MPH into a tree - Pictures

06-24-11, 01:33 PM
This isn't my SRX, but while at the dealership getting my oil change, he showed me a 2011 SRX Luxury that proves the great mechanical engineering from Cadillac.

A lady driving her brand new SRX (2 months old with 900 miles on it) carrying two kids (teenager in the front, toddler in the back) hit a tree here in Portland going between 35-40 MPH.

The Airbags didn't even deploy and they walked out without a scratch. The bodyshop guy was impressed by the way it absorbed the impact in the crumple zone and kept the damage in one area. He said the airbags didn't deploy because of the way the sensors in the seats vs. the front detectors are engineered to work together to decide whether to set off or not set off the airbags. The lady even told the dealer she will buy another SRX once insurance is settled as she felt it saved their lives or major injury!

If you look closely, not even the passenger door was scratched as the front fender absorbed the impact and didn't jam the door.


06-24-11, 02:14 PM
That makes me feel good about my car!!

Smokin' SRX
06-24-11, 09:36 PM
glad no one was hurt. Windshield still intact! And I bet the DRL's were still lit after the crash! LOL