View Full Version : SRX 2011 Premium Vs Performance??

06-24-11, 04:41 AM
Hi! i just wanted to know the difference?
I mean i've searched it up, i've seen that one has dual climate, the other has a triple.
But i don't really understand if that's a big deal or not?
Can someone explain what that means please? my apologies if this has been brought up before! i tried to find out what it means but i got no results. :helpless:
Thanks so much

06-24-11, 07:05 AM
Left front, right front, and rear accounts for 3 separate controls.

To me it is a big deal because the separate controls permit you to adjust the temperature to accomodate likes/dislikes of the different occupants. My wife prefers more heat than I do in the Winter and also a higher temperature in the Summer.

And I carry dogs in the rear, which in a vehicle without rear controls........it can get pretty uncomfortable back there in certain circumstances.


06-24-11, 07:58 AM
to me the main question is do you care about just the driver and passanger or everybody in the car....because other than vented front seats you as a driver CAN NOT tell a different but in your pocket from saving but i say if money is not a problem go premium it will be better on trade or sale...but on more detail the premiun does have rear heated seats or own controls for a/c and front seats has vented holes to let air go through and thats it off the top of my head

06-24-11, 02:26 PM
The Premium adds these features to the Performance package:

Rear Seat Audio Controls
Rear Seat Heat Ducts
Rear Climate Control
Ventilated Front Seats
Heated Rear Seats

The rear seat audio controls allow rear seat passengers to listen (via headphones) to a different "Source" than front passengers. E.g. The driver can be listening to music on the HDD while the rear passengers simultaneously listen to XM radio, or any other combination. Add the Rear Seat Entertainment System, and your rear passengers can watch a movie with wireless headphones (& remote) while you switch between AM, FM, XM, HDD, USB, iPod or AUX. Tired of scorching your thighs on leather seats that have been baking in the sun? Using the remote start, the ventilated front seats will draw hot air away from the seating surfaces before you even enter the car. If you've ever had kids in the rear yelling, "I'm too hot. I'm too cold", then the rear climate control is a must. They can select their own independent fan speed of the blower, temperature, vent selection (top or top & floor) and heated seat setting.

daddie2k3 pretty much nailed it. It depends on how much you care about your rear passengers. Dual zone climate controls are becoming quite common. I predict at some point in the future tri-zone climate controls will become more common. Right now they're still pretty unique and another touch to distinguish your car from the rest. However, that's not the reason I wanted it. These are features that are actually functional. They do more than just give you bragging rights. They enhance the comfort of "all" of your vehicle's occupants.


06-24-11, 02:57 PM
I totally agree with Sube I guess I'm just selfish lol but being serious I drive alone alot so wasnt a big need for the extras and to be honest another main reason is they didn't have a premium in the color choices I wanted so again I say if you think you will sale soon got with premium but it want to save a little you will still get a great car with great features now if you was comparing base to preformance like I was it would be a total different story lol...no ultraview roof, no pop up nav,no hid, etc...hope we helped