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06-24-11, 12:24 AM
I am going to be cleaning out a warehouse that is full of old cadillac parts. There is roughly 1800sf of stuff that is from floor to cieling.

I am thinking most of the parts are for cars from 1950-1980 however i wont know what is in there until we start pulling stuff out. From what i can see there is everything from Air Filters to windshield wipers, hoods, fenders, bumpers, books, embelms, hood ordaments and anything else you can think of.

I need your help because you guys are experts. Please let me know anything you can think of that you think is worth keeping. I understand that is a open ended question but if you can let me know what types of parts, maybe what years the parts are most wanted. Stuff like that.

Any questions feel free to reply to this post. thanks in advance.

06-24-11, 12:33 AM
Wow, that is a gold mine! Excluding parts like tires, bushings, hoses or brake parts that should be worn out or dried out and cracked by now, any other part is valuable and there should be someone who is looking for it...

06-25-11, 01:00 AM
Thanks for the info. Do you have a idea of what years or what type of parts i would want to save.

i am planning on renting a storage for short term to see if i can sell some of these parts. However there is just too much to save it all.

Also do you know where i can post items for sale. besides ebay and craigslist.

06-25-11, 08:14 AM
Junkamigo, come on over to the RWD section. That's where most of the guys will need your stuff. Maybe if you set up a vendor account, I could make a "sticky" for you to list items. Since you have a lot to sell, it would be worth it. PM Lord Cadillac to set up as a vendor.

06-26-11, 03:28 AM