View Full Version : Lower ball joints and rear knuckle bushings?

Edward Hubbs
06-23-11, 12:46 AM
I was wondering what the prices would be for a pair of front lower ball joints, and a set of knuckle bushings and I might as well get prices on control arm bushings, if I am correct isn't there control arms on all four corners??? If so, I would like the price for all of them, the car is a 96' Eldorado base.

06-23-11, 09:16 AM

Can you get me your VIN? You can either post it here, PM it to me, email it, or even call us up.

But I will need the VIN to ensure accuracy (and to help save me time when looking for the parts).


Edward Hubbs
06-23-11, 11:49 AM
1G6EL12Y9TU612459 is my cars v.i.n. #

06-23-11, 12:33 PM
The rear suspension has upper and lower control arms while the front only has a lower control arm.

There are no serviceable bushings for the rear control arms or knuckles (at least through me, possibly there are aftermarket bushings)

The arms themselves and the knuckles are also discontinued (mostly, i think one of the six is not discontinued yet). I can possibly still get them but they're expensive.

The front bushings are available separately but if you end up going with aftermarket rear bushings you might as well get them for the front also.

here's some illustrations... let me know if you want any parts looked up from them and i'll see what the pricing and availability is.