: Looking For Modded Diamond White Gen2 V Pics - Domsz06?!? Anyone?

06-21-11, 09:54 PM

Good evening. New to the forum or else I would have just sent a PM to those who appear to have a Gen2 Diamond White Tri-Coat V but I'm not going to clog up your board with dumb "bump" posts just to get my #'s up. Anyways, I've noticed very few pics of modded Diamond White Tricoat V's on here...especially ones that have done any appearance mods. The only one I've come across so far is one by Domsz06 in his signature line. I've spent hours on here searching through the Picture Albums and read prob the last 15 pages of so of threads as I've down to a 2008 M5 vs. the 2009 V. Both would be white - and the V would most likely go through the Spectre Werks/Lingenfelter treatment so if anyone happens to have a White V - please post a link to your album or thread, etc. It's greatly appreciated.

This seems like a great forum, I look forward to being a contributing member and part of the club hopefully soon.



06-21-11, 10:32 PM
isnt doms car silver?

06-21-11, 10:57 PM

(Couldn't resist, sorry!)

06-21-11, 11:30 PM
here's one for you...


except its matte white... but close enough...

06-22-11, 12:46 AM
my car is silver, but thanks for the compliment. Look up PremierJosh. He had a white one that had mods both cosmetic and not.

found this on google, pretty sharp looking.



06-22-11, 09:30 PM
Thanks for the heads up. In the screenshot with it side by side with your vette it appears to be so light that it almost looks white. Great find on the Lincah website, that was exactly what I'm looking for.

Not sure if you need to be logged in to view on the BMW forum but it's basically down to these 2 for me now:

The '09 V:
(insert w w w here) lincah.com/2010-cam-shaft-cadillac-cts-v


The '08 M5
(insert w w w here) m5board.com/vbulletin/e60-m5-e61-m5-touring-discussion/186856-new-photos.html

(I would have posted live links but since I don't even have 5 posts yet I can't post links...lol. I'm a Moderator for god sakes on another discussion forum...this gets frustrating - hah hah)

Both will get a similiar treatment via appearance /mechanical mods, although I want to add the Spectre Werks or the Vorstheimer hoods to both cars (niether of those have them on).

Thanks for the help guys! I'll keep you updated on when I pull the trigger...and thanks for pointing out PremierJosh as well. His old car was almost identical to what I'm looking for.

Best Regards,


06-22-11, 09:34 PM
Here's a few pics of my car, only mod is the wheels (and an intake....).




And a link to one on 21's I love. http://www.cadillacforums.com/forums/cadillac-cts-v-series-forum-2009/197653-hre-21-monoblocks-hennessey-v650.html