: Longer wheel studs

06-21-11, 06:32 AM
Presently i was runnin the denali 20x8.5" wheels for they look a lot sharper than the all chromed out wheels...

I have the Baer Eradi +1 for the front and rear, but i recently upgraded to the extreme for the front with +2 rotors...15" two peice rotors...

I needed to add a 1/2" spacer to clear the caliper, but now i am runnin on a couple threads of holding per wheel. in the front.

Does anyone know where i can score some longer wheel studs?

06-30-11, 09:46 AM
I can offer two suggestions for the rear but I think the fronts are longer than the rear. I don't have one off to check. The rear studs measure 57.35 mm long from inner flange to end including the worthless non threaded tip, about a 15.62 knurl (used), 13.25 shoulder. and a 20.85 diameter flange. If you do not want to change your nuts (14X1.5), you are limited. There are a ton of 12X1.5 extended studs. Dorman makes a couple that will work. See pages 169-171 of the catalog. You will NEED the measurements of a stock front stud to get the right one for the front. In the REAR, I think a 610-433 is closest to stock....610-428 MAY be stock for the front. 610-432 will gain about four threads in the REAR but tight to press in. The studs with 15.88 knurls would be really tough to press in and might require slight openning of axle or hub but I consider that a better option if it gives you the length you want. You can also use extended shank lugs designed for lug concentric wheels. Actually the method to give you the most options is to change to 9/16" X18 (early chevy truck) but you would need to replace all your lug nuts. Here is the link to the Dorman catalog: http://www.pirate4x4.com/tech/billavista/14b_bible/wheel_studs/Dorman%20Wheel%20studs%20&%20nuts.pdf
Sorry I can't be of more help.
Update: according to Another Dorman Listing 610-428 is the front and 610-434 is the rear...but that does not seem correct for the rear because of the knurl size I measured was drastically different.


07-04-11, 01:32 AM
I did just that, and due to my location i also had to cut the studs to be similar in shape.

I will probably do the same to the rear, HOWEVER i do not like the dodge style lugnuts, the seat is too small, and i am afraid it make break the seat on the rims...