: Did your recently purchased H&R springs drop you more than advertised? Please read.

06-21-11, 06:09 AM
Guys and gals,
I'm currently in talks with an H&R rep. in an attempt to bring to light an issue with the springs they've been selling. The advertised average drop with these springs is 1.2" in the front and 1" in the rear. Personally, my front springs were pretty close to that, but my rear fender dropped just an 8th of an inch short of 2 full inches. Some people may not consider "too much" of a drop an "issue", and others may find yourself in the position that I do with wheels & tires that aren't fitting because the car's too low, etc. Others may just not like the "reverse rake" that these springs are producing (where the rear is lower than the front). Regardless of whether you're ok with the discrepancy or not, I'm asking that you make an attempt to contact Ryan at 1-888-827-8881 and simply inform him of the amount that your H&R springs lowered your V. The more people that inform him/them, the more likely it is that they fix the discrepancy.

This Ryan fellow is now aware of the possible issue and in our last conversation he told me that he's looking into it. He said he pulled 3 sets of rear springs out of their bin and tested them (I'm not sure what this testing entails), and they all "tested to their standards". I gave him my before and after floor to fender (through midline of wheel) measurements which showed a drop of 1 & 7/8ths in the rear. Ryan asked if I'd made any bump stop modifications or other suspension modifications, to which I told him I had not, except for the shock relocation spacers. I explained that these spacers have no effect on the static ride height of the vehicle, but were simply to compensate for the Nivomat auto-leveling shocks. He didn't seem familliar with this modification, but seemed to understand and accept that it did not effect the static ride height of the vehicle.

At one point in our initial conversation, Ryan did say that these springs were not made to work with vehicles equipped with auto-leveling shocks. I informed Ryan that I wasn't aware of ANY cts-v that did not have Nivomat auto-leveling shocks and thus, if this were the case with the springs, that they never should have been marketed as springs for the CTS-V. That was the last that I heard of this arguement, and Ryan continues to look into the subject.

Anyway, if you do contact H&R, please post up here with any pertinant info.

Thanks guys.

06-21-11, 08:09 AM
Got pics?

06-21-11, 08:25 AM
So you modified your rear suspension my relocating the shock, and now the lowered results are more than what the manufacturer claimed?

That doesn't sound like their problem to me and I guarantee that is what they are going to say.

06-21-11, 01:54 PM
Asked on the other site and I'll ask here too.....is this happening w/ Eibach springs too or is this H&R specific?

06-21-11, 04:50 PM
Asked on the other site and I'll ask here too.....is this happening w/ Eibach springs too or is this H&R specific?I would think this is a function of the springs' free length (uncompressed) and spring rate ... assuming the shocks don't interfere with load leveling.

06-21-11, 07:20 PM
I have H&Rs with the MM kit and the rear is about the same as when I had a full coil cut off of the stock springs and 1/3 of the bumpstop chopped off. The front is a tad higher than when I had a full coil cut off and the same 1/3 bumpstop hack. It looks good on my car.