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06-21-11, 04:00 AM
so here goes, I changed out my battery because the dealer told me my top not going down completely was due to my old battery... in the process of changing the battery, I have lost some functionality that I have been spoiled by. Here is my issue: when I roll my windows down using the automatic feature, it works fine. However, when I reverse the process to roll them up automatically, it no longer allows me to press the button down all the way and let go. Also, I have tried cycling the hard top down then back up, and pressed the convertible button again to get the windows to roll up automatically again and no go. Can someone tell me if there is some kind of setting or fuse or whatever I can do to get this function back? I would appreciate it. Thanks

06-21-11, 11:13 AM
Removing power when replacing a battery requires window indexing. Does the window drop slightly when a door is opened/closed? Have you indexed your windows after installing the new battery? If not, it's easy.

Indexing calibrates the upper limits of the window's up/down position to the Folding Top Control Module, so it knows where they're at when operating the top. If not, press and hold the express down switch for the driver's side and hold for three to five seconds after the window stops it's travel. Then, repeat in the up direction. Do the passenger side next, and you're all set! Voila! Problem solved!!

The windows are the first mechanism operated in the top movement sequence. If they aren't indexed, the top function is going to have issues.

Now, go play with your top!


02-10-14, 05:41 PM
What a great forum! My 05 XLR periodically develops the window issue where it will not go up automatically with either the express up function or when the door shuts. Some time later it would resolve itself. First time that spontaneous healing happened was when my wife's key-fob was used for the first time in weeks. Since then I have been chasing the issue trying to swap to one of my 4 fobs. Little did I know I was just a 3 second button push away.

Thanks Mr. ccclarke.

Once again I'm, XLRated!