: Clear Shield or 3M Paint Protection

06-21-11, 03:59 AM
Has anyone had the Clear Shield or 3M paint protection film to their XLR or Corvette.
Any opinions would be interesting.

06-23-11, 02:40 AM
Know a couple people who have it and it looks good, even after 10K+ miles. Wish I had done it - my whole front end needs sanding and repainting.

Classical Glass
06-24-11, 07:42 AM
Hi, I just purchased several feet of 3M protection film from "Clear Mask". I called them and they were extremely helpful and answered any questions I had. I was a little tricky to install at first but ounce I got the hand of it it went on real nice. You can contact them at1-866-925-3276. Good luck.