: Seville 3rd LED Brake Light

06-20-11, 05:28 PM

My 3rd brake light has been burnt out for awhile now and looking to replace soon. Can you give me a quote on how much a new one would be? I believe this is the part number: 25697411


06-20-11, 05:50 PM
yes that is correct
1998-2004 Seville 3rd brake light (with emblem, without panel)

you can get it with the panel too, but that's more expensive and will need to be painted ...
but it's much easier to replace as the whole panel asm (at least i've been told that)

List price is $584.30
Your price is $438.23

I do have one in stock

06-20-11, 06:42 PM
Wow that's expensive. Might have to skip that one for awhile. I've been looking for a used one on eBay but I don't know if I trust those or not. Thanks the quote though.

06-20-11, 08:04 PM
no prob.