View Full Version : Removing / Installing OEM stock exhaust without cutting it?

- Escalade -
06-20-11, 06:30 AM
Hi guys.. Is it possible to remove / reinstall a OEM stock exhaust without cutting it? I'm having a brand new OEM stock exhaust delivered , but It comes in 1 piece and would hate to have to cut it up to mount it! Hope you guys have some insight :)

06-20-11, 09:41 AM
You have to drop the rear axle by a lot, that means basically removing everything then lowering the axle by about 6-12" then you can remove the exhaust...You will needa proper jack stand and you cannot do this in your garage...

Its a lot of labor and you have to remove the rear bracket, swaybars, and then you may lower the axle

Have fun

06-21-11, 12:01 PM
I just installed rear springs in my EXT and I dropped the axel at least 12"+. I'm pretty sure I could have removed the exhaust without cutting it. What you need todo is:

1) Unbolt the sway bar
2) Unbolt the lower shock mounts
3) Un-snap the autoride sensor (very important, or you'll snap this off)
4) You need two GOOD tall jacks. One in front of rear wheels on the frame.

Hope this helps. I did do this in my garage.

- Escalade -
06-21-11, 06:26 PM
Thanks a lot.. I have a mcgaughy's loweringkit with rear springs I need to have installed as well. I guess I have to look more into it..

Anyone know If an OEM replacement exhaust is available from other brands like Walker fx? I want it to sound like stock without any additional noice in the cabin.