: Got my new coupe--Dealer modded it already.

06-20-11, 12:04 AM
I picked up a new Coupe on Saturday. Well, almost new. The dealer got it for a customer, added Eibach lowering springs, Corsa exhaust (coated black),had every piece of chrome blacked out, powdercoated the wheels and calipers, put in ARP wheel studs installed black wheel spacers ( I haven't measured them but they look to be about 5/8") and had the windows tinted. The salesman drove it for about 300 miles, the buyer put another 300 miles on it , decided he wanted something else and gave it back to the salesman to sell.
It had 624 miles on it when I got it.
I got it for $64,000. I think I did well.
It already had all the appearance mods I would have done anyway, plus the exhaust.
First thing tomorrow I'm calling Nick at American Racing Headers to get a set on the way.
I'll order the Innovators balancer and get the upper pulley and interchangable lower ring from Metco Motorsports as well.
I have a few cams to choose from in stock. I'm leaning towards my Stage 1 (220-228) or Stage 2 (224-232) I'd like the car to remain relatively smooth so I'll be pretty conservative with the cam.
I'll have Todd at McKenzie cylinder heads port the TB and snout. We can fabricate a cold air intake at my shop.
My Trailblazer is running a built LS7 with water to air intercooling. We made the heat exchangers (2) and installed a 1600 GPH bait pump from West Marine. I'll do something similar on the V.
I'd like to have this all done in about two to three weeks.
I'm also going to borrow a Lysholm 2.3 blower from Vortech to see if it's feasible to make the brackets and pulleys to make it work. (I'm worried about hood clearance in the front)

I could not find my camera cable so I just got a few shots with my Iphone.



I thought the wheels and calipers were factory, but the dealer assured me that he had them done.



So far I really like the car and am looking forward to more power.