: 13mpg normal?

06-19-11, 10:14 PM
I have a 2007 escalade with 24" rims on it. Only aftermarket part is magnaflow exhaust and k&n filter. Should my mpg be this low? I normally drive city streets, when i do drive freeways i get about 14.5mpg. Any help is appreciated!

06-19-11, 10:45 PM
No. You should be getting better then that. I can get 19.2 mpg on hiway with cruise set at 70 mph.

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06-20-11, 02:11 AM
I looked at it again today, after driving for about an hour i was averaging 12mpg city.. Whats going on??

the blur
06-20-11, 03:57 AM
I get 10. be happy.

06-20-11, 07:35 AM
If you are looking at the MPG the thing on the dash tells you don't believe it!!! Get a pencil and and do it on paper.

06-20-11, 12:48 PM
It's normal, I get anywhere between 8 to 14 depending on how fast I drive.

06-20-11, 01:45 PM
That's pretty good. I got 12 mpg with my ESV 22" wheels

06-20-11, 01:47 PM
yeah, my city is anywhere from 10-13, hwy is 13-16...

06-20-11, 02:54 PM
I should have stated on my last post I also hqve a tune.

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06-20-11, 04:33 PM
I run 24s with a predator tune and GM Perf intake. I get 11-12 mpg city and 16-18 mpg hwy.

06-20-11, 04:50 PM
07 ESV 22" stock. 14 city 18-19 highway

06-20-11, 07:00 PM
stock 22's get around 14-15 in the city and around 22 on the highway

06-20-11, 07:24 PM
Ok cool, i see all these other threads of people saying they get like 19mpg.. Guess im doing good! Thanks.

06-21-11, 12:02 AM
I get 18.6mpg almost 19mpg on high going 70mph with cruise... 15-16mpg around town. 2010 AWD.

06-21-11, 05:58 PM
Mine runs on rainbows and sunshine

Drill holes, burn oil.

Big Windy Ext
06-23-11, 07:03 AM
So Stevie,about 10mpg lol,my Ext gets 12-15 mpg I tend to drive it aggressive.

06-23-11, 08:55 PM
Just traveled over 700 miles and got 13.5 mpg on 26's avg speed 70

06-24-11, 05:03 AM
I wish I had THAT problem :cool2: