: Help!! need some help from a mechanic

10-15-04, 10:48 PM
O.K. Heres the thing. The reason Im in the off topic area is because theres nothing wrong with my Lack. Its my Ack thats sounding the alarm.

So after reading this, would you still give me help??? Please???

O.K. I decided to clean my throttle body. So I got a can of carborator and valve cleaner, attached the straw, started the car and then started to spray in the trottle body. I opened the throttle attempting to clean the inside of the intake and my straw got sucked in. It still runs fine, and I havent heard anything harmful it hasnt hesitated or anything, but this straw is on my mind. Can anyone tell me if Im expecting a problem. Its an Acura Legend 2.7L engine.

Is there anyone here with an Idea of this being a problem??

10-15-04, 11:03 PM
just a little plastic straw right ?

i really dont think itll be a problem , if it gets far enough in there it should just melt and go away , might become a little oily spot on the front side of that cat converter bricks , wont harm anything that i can think of ....

Worst case is it might melt , get sorta burned and pushed out the exaust valve and maybe clog an o2 sensor , but thats a long shot

most likely is it will get caught in the intake tract and melt down right there, and will end up a stain inside the intake manifold , no harm no foul .....

10-15-04, 11:20 PM
Thanks for your words. That sounds soothing to me.

hope your right. Thats the same thing I was thinking but wasnt sure.

yup it was a thin straw they give you taped to the can :bonkers:

10-15-04, 11:28 PM
man your worrying about nothing , i was thinking like super slurpee big mo fo type straw , that little damned thing aint gonna be an issue at all

10-15-04, 11:31 PM
I wouldn't worry, either.

I used to have a '90 Legend LS. Probably the best car I ever owned.

10-15-04, 11:32 PM
:canttalk: Im :cookoo: The Acura Is my everyday driver. The lack I use on trips not for my daily move. So I wanted to make sure I didnt have to work the DeVillion any harder than it needs to. :o

I wouldn't worry, either.

I used to have a '90 Legend LS. Probably the best car I ever owned.

Thats what mine is . A 1990 Sedan LS