: Fresh Detail & Wax Today (5pix)

06-18-11, 01:47 PM
Pictures taken w/ the Camera+ app on my iPhone 3GS






Comments, Questions, Concerns?
(yes i forgot to use some touch-up paint on the mirror - it was like that when i got it)

06-18-11, 02:34 PM
Very nice :) I love a nice navy blue interior, they look quite good on the Cadillac with the Zebrano wood.

06-18-11, 02:39 PM
How come the pix have furry edges ??

06-18-11, 03:22 PM
Very nice! And great to see an interior that's not black, gray or tan. The wood really does stand out against the blue. Certainly doesn't look like an 12-year-old car.

06-18-11, 03:38 PM
Thx guys. It's called Montana Blue. I forget the RPO code.

And Sub, the Camera+ app has a bunch of frames and effects and such. I was just messing around a bit.

06-19-11, 12:06 AM


06-19-11, 02:26 AM
I've been hearing about Camera+ so much I figured I may as well buckle down and download the damn thing... I can already see it does more than just add fancy borders, really like the Zoom and the free Flashlight. Plus it was 99 cents, and I can't complain about anything created by Miss Lisa...


Oh and please get that damn driver's side headlight cleared up. Your car deserves it!

06-19-11, 04:39 AM
You know, that is funny. My driver's side headlight is foggy too. Will one of those headlight restoring kits from the auto parts store help with that?

06-19-11, 05:06 AM
You know, that is funny. My driver's side headlight is foggy too. Will one of those headlight restoring kits from the auto parts store help with that?

Gary D (gdwriter) claims that the best bang for the buck is the 3M kit (I think), and if done RIGHT they DEFINITELY work. The problem is I don't have a DA so sanding by hand just doesn't seem to work very effectively. I usually just find some guy on Craigslist that does them regularly and does the cheap. The Seville ones with pretty grody and our paint guy in Saint Louis polished them up well over 6 months ago... they haven't re-yellowed since, whereas the ones I did myself in the past always turned yellow again within a short period.

06-19-11, 05:57 PM
there's a kit that we recently got that supposedly works great from what the guys in our shop are saying (i'm going to try it soon)

basically you have a sanding pad and a wipe pad and a spray bottle (clear coat or something... you just hit it one time really quick after)

you can supposedly enough in the kit to do headlights and tails too... i can't remember how much it costs, but it's pretty cheap i think

06-19-11, 07:01 PM
Wow your ride is jist plain sexy Chris. Looking good!

I just did a wash, cut cleaner, and polymer wax on mine


One more pic


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06-19-11, 08:10 PM
Wow! Vincent, that's just a drop-dead gorgeous Eldo. I love them in black. I drove a '97 ETC for a while, black on black, but it had the simulated convertible top, really ruined the crisp lines of the car.

06-20-11, 09:12 AM
Great clean up Chris
looking great

hey in the 3rd picture is that holster for your iphone ?
if so where did you get that one have not seen it around
and i have been threw 4 iphoneholsters and just can't find one i like that does not have an anoying rattle lol

06-20-11, 10:49 AM
i think it's an iSimple... i'd have to double check though since it was used when i got it (but i do still have the packaging in a box and i think i know where to look for it)

it is nice to have the mount up there ... makes the annoyance of clipping it in and taking it off worth it

now all i need is an aux mod so i don't have to use the tape adapter... the tape gears are getting a bit noisy