: 1966 Fleetwood Timing Cover HEEEELLLLLP

10-15-04, 10:29 PM
Hey Cadillac lovers. This might be long so please bear with. I need some Cadillac brother advice.

OK, so the 66 fleetwood is my all time favorite car. I have had several Cads with 429s in them and this is the first time I have had a major problem.


I live in Los Angeles and I drove to Houston for a business meeting. I took the Fleetwood (as usual, it is my daily driver) and BLAM! water everywhere!

Finally located the correct water pump and it won't seal. I find out that the timing cover on this is aluminum and they chew up with time and refuse to seal. I call around and get quotes between $135 and $350 for a timing cover pulled off an old Cad, and the parts book says this has to come off a 66 and will not interchange with the 64, 65 or 67 model 429s.I am cool with paying $135 but they pulled the only two they had and they both sucked! Now before I spend $350 on another 30+ year old aluminum part, does anyone have one of these laying around? I will pay fair for it.

Also, I think the valve seats got too hot when I lost the water so paying $350 to patch a motor that will need more work later seems like a drag too.I also have to pay a mechanic for the labor. Ouch!

With the valves questionable, another motor might make more sense.

The car is in San Antonio, Texas. I am debating...Maybe someone local to there knows or can help...

1) Are there any full 429s in the area? Of a mechanic that specializes in them on a reasonable budget?

2) Could I swap in any year full 429 motor without major surgery to how it mounts? I think 66 had the airthing that forces fresh air into the manifold? A smog part I think. Could I find a 65 and drop it in?

3)How tough is it to swap in a 472 or 500 which is easier to find? Are there any Texas mechanics that could quote me for this?

4)If I can't get this fixed for under like $1200, is anyone interested in purchasing it? Obviously it would be for cheap. You could park it and restore it at your leasure. It is in excellent shape other than the motor and I can provide details if you are interested. I would prefer to fix it and drive it home. I can even limp it back on bad valve seats and deal with it here but the timing cover is the main problem.

Oh and from what I understand, no on is making an aftermarket timing cover for the 429s.

Thanks, Chris
(the letters were arranged as flootweed on the trunk when I got it hence the nickname).

barge master
10-16-04, 04:46 AM
I'm not firsthand familiar with that engine, but as a matter of general info,I'd think you could take it to a weld/fabricate shop and have them TIG weld the corrosion. You could then grind it down. Thats the trouble with some parts like that, every one has the same problem as yours. That's when you gotta repair instead of replace.
Sometimes, minor pitting can be sealed with a carefully applied layer of good RTV also.

10-16-04, 07:02 AM
Thanks for that. I thought TIG would do it but everyone was saying no not possible. I am going to San Antonio tomorrow and find a welding shop. Seems logical enough to build it up. I think a lot of mechanics have limited vision for troubleshooting.
Thanks again. I'll pop a note in here on how it resolves. But if anyone in San Antonio can be of assistance, I will monitor my thread.
Cheers, Chris

barge master
10-16-04, 07:15 PM
Good luck Chris. It's hard to find people who know how to repair things sometimes. Everybody is a parts changer now it seems. When you have an old car like yours, that isn't always an option.

Dead Sled
10-16-04, 08:42 PM
better off to mill the mating surfaces to make sure the mounting surfaces are true

10-17-04, 01:29 AM
Thanks for the additional comments. I agree with both. I will be there Monday and if the timing cover is not installed, I will hand carrying it to a machine shop that does TIG welding and will make sure they true the surface flat.

I talked to the mechanic today and he is really cool and no attitude or anything but was saying he was going to go to a junkyard Monday and try to find a replacement. Brother. I Told him not to. Locally I had two pulled and both were lousy so pulling another is probably going to be the same. Also, it evidently will not interchange and HAS to be off a 66.

Soon as I limp it home to L.A., I am going to look into a replacement 472 for it. Anyone know of anyone selling a conversion kit for that? I hear they don't bolt right in.

Cheers. Cool forum. Plan to spend a lot of time here.

barge master
10-17-04, 07:11 AM
MTS has a generic conversion kit which isn't much more than pieces of big angle iron. If there is something made to directly install one in your car I haven't heard of it. Is yours a front sump oil pan?? I haven't touched one of those 429 Caddys in 20 years, my memory of them is fuzzy.
One thing I'm certain of is that the 472/500 is a totally different engine, not an evolution of the 429. No question it's feasible, I just wouldn't want to pay someone the labor.The little stuff will kill you.

10-17-04, 07:31 PM
I don't know the layout of the oil sump. I have a shop manual in the car in Texas so there goes all my tech info for now.
Thanks for the info. I will look into that kit. Probably would like to attempt it myself :) but still need to just get the 'wood home. Should be there tomorrow morning.


barge master
10-17-04, 09:13 PM
Long as you don't crap in the middle of Death Valley you're doin' OK. :D