: Reprogramming HDD

06-17-11, 10:34 PM
Have 2 month old SRX and have created several play list on HDD
that disappear after about a week. Have read that the issue can
be fixed by reprogramming the HDD.
Question: Will the reprogramming erase songs from hard drive?
Everything I have saved stays on HDD, it is just the playlist created afterwards
that don't last.

06-17-11, 11:12 PM
There is no "reprogramming" of the HDD. You may be thinking of formatting the HDD. You can erase all songs from the HDD, but that's not the same as "formatting" the HDD. They can "re-flash" the radio software. That usually fixes any weird anomalies. If they re-flash the radio you will NOT lose what's on the HDD.

Personally, I've found that creating playlists (folders) on a USB thumbdrive works much better. It's much simpler to just copy and paste songs to a folder and name that folder whatever you want. I have a 16 GB thumbdrive that I keep plugged into the USB port in the center console. On it I have folders with my most recent songs for a particular Genre and folders with Sub-Genres. I rarely even use the HDD anymore.