: who is the best dealer for a deal?

06-15-11, 09:37 PM
remember whats his name who used to get us great deals on vs? He got my 09 fully optioned for 55.8, with 160 miles...now im thinking get a coupe, cause they'll never get the rattle out of my sunroof...i would be willing to have it permantly fused closed if i thought that fix it...i just dont know how to research a decent deal on a new coupe.....Thx. he was the internet guy from Superior in Detroit.....

Cub Cadet
06-16-11, 01:22 PM
He works at a Ford dealer now.
Here is my suggestion:
Germain Cadillac of Dublin, OH (suburb of Columbus, OH)
Keith Hilty - khilty@germain.com
He can order you anything you want and it will be there quickly. He is GOOD!!!!!

I would hold off on a coupe though... I don't think that people have had a good resolution to broken roof welds. These are what caused the water leaks. Also, on your sedan, how bad is the sunroof making noise? I expect some sunroof noise in anything that has one, but I have never been unhappy with any noise from it (through year round driving). I love my sunroof and would get one again. I use mine all of the time... even when it is cold outside. I think mine is worn in;)
Here is the coupe they have in stock: