: A/C Draining inside the car

06-14-11, 07:19 AM
Anyone have this problem on their 93-96 Fleetwood?

I was installing the power inverter for the Xbox yesterday and pulled the carpet back looking for a way to run the 4-gauge wires through the firewall on the passenger side (there is no convenient way, just so you know). The carpet padding and insulation at the firewall was soaking wet. Further investigation revealed that it was coming from the HVAC box. I pulled the elbow off of the drain on the firewall and made sure it was clear. It was. I ran the car with the a/c on for about 15 minutes. Some water drains outside, some drains inside. I got a fresh puddle on the passenger side floor pan, so I know it's not a windshield leak.

It doesn't look like the box is cracked, but the water is gathering on the foam seal between the box and firewall and running down. It looks like the bottom will come off of that box with a few screws. Is there a seal there that goes bad?

Any advice would be appreciated....

06-14-11, 09:10 AM
Make sure the elbow is on the drain, then reseal the box with better foam or silicone.