: what cam

06-13-11, 11:21 PM
got a 425 in a 86 c10. ik it prob needs a new timing set id was wondering if i should get a new cam while i was in there. im gettin one of those sets with the three keyways for +/-4* and was wondering if that would give me a lil more go with the factory cam or if there are better options on the aftermarket. so... i have verry lil cash so id rather stay cheep but let me know what u think

06-14-11, 08:14 PM
If I was low on cash I would just use the stock cam and set it on the +4 keyway.. I would like to see pictures of the old parts when you do the job...Dave

06-15-11, 12:41 PM
thanks, i also emailed the cad comp. and the guy that wrote back basicly said...
"RobbieChanging the cam timing is not necessarily going to add power. It could justas easily lose power. The point of the timing set is to make it easy to messwith it when you are testing it out. On a normal street engine (especially astock one), that's generally a waste of time at best, and the only way toknow for sure if you are helping or hurting is if you dyno test it beforeand after. Changing the cam itself can add quite a bit of power. Most of our streetcams are in the $390-$410 range, including lifters, springs, retainers, andViton seals. The Cloyes roller timing set is $75."

Ik there are alot of ppl saying that its a noticible diff advancing the stock cam 4*. and if i bought one of their cams do i realy need to change the springs and seals? and the timing set i found was $135 for a Cloyes, is the $75 one the cheep one? i dont wana go cheep, just dont wana spend any unnessisary money. seems u guys know alot more than them.. and i will post pics when i get them out but dont hold your breath lol. thanks for the advice, yuo have ben alot of help in the posts iv strated and in others iv read in the last year while building this truck.

09-07-11, 09:13 AM
What you posted seems to be a pitch to get you to buy a camshaft. He is correct on the part where you could lose power if the worng cam is selected, albeit I highly doubt you are going to buy a cheapo knockoff or a wicked high lift rumble stick. If you talk to any cam guru, you can get buy a camshaft that is very similar and add power & torque, indexing the camshaft from R&D will further improve, maybe by a slight or greater amount. GM (others as well unless its a specialty application) most likely ground the cams 'enough' for mass production to give what they state on the sales tag. You should be able to get a reliable valve train for a decent price. Just don't fall to the sales bs.

09-07-11, 01:23 PM
thanks i still havent replaced any of it do to lack of money but kinda got an idea on what im getting. do uk what rods and jets are in your carb by the way?