: 03 DTS Bose/Nav turns on and off every 3 seconds

06-12-11, 09:03 PM
Yesterday started just turning on and off every 3-4 seconds, when the Nav/radio screen comes on for those 2-3 seconds it shows the time, Date and which driver key unlocked the car and it does track back and forth between key #1 and #2. Also for the last 1-2 seconds you get sound from whatever CD was playing last then it shuts off and you get two beeps, then in 1-2 seconds it turns on again. In the "on" time frame none of the buttons will do anything but as I recall during normal initial start up they did not do aything for the first 4-5 seconds anyway so that may just be a time delay issue. Does this sound like the amp failing or ???
Pulled AMP fuse and it continued to turn on and off, just could not hear the amp power up anymore.
Pulled Audio fuse and still continued to turn on and off
Pulled the NAV fuse and then it stayed off
Replaced the amp and audio fuse and it still stayed off

Does this point to a Dav nav DVD player ?? or ??

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How do you delete a post when you want to remove it. Radio is still broken but would like to delete the posts that say nothing?

06-19-11, 10:26 PM
So no one in the Audio forum has seen this before ?

06-19-11, 10:37 PM
Post this in the Cadillac DeVille section, you'll probably get more answers there.
Make a new thread here - http://www.cadillacforums.com/forums/cadillac-deville-1985-2005-including-1985/

EDIT - I just realized that you already posted there. Do you have a car audio store nearby?

06-24-11, 04:24 PM
most the Car Audio stores near me say go to a dealer if you ever have a problem with a factory unit they don;'t know what they are doing when it comes ot facotyr units and will admit it
so not sure the OP would get much luck with that