: What are some lease numbers people have gotten on the V Coupe?

06-12-11, 10:06 AM
I am curious to see what numbers people have gotten for their V Coupe.

If you can list options and selling price (if they know it).

- Miles per year

- How much total out of pocket during signing

- Price per month INCLUDING your states sales tax (so total price monthly)

06-12-11, 11:16 AM
I got 12k miles per year for my 2011 V Sedan. I traded in a car that I got 10k for. The sticker price of my car was $69,940. I was able to get about 5k off sticker. 39 month lease through US Bank and I pay $822 per month. This payment also includes the 82 per month for use tax. My residual is fairly low at $22,000. When you include the 10k down, and assume I will purchase the car at the end of the lease, I will have paid a total of $64,453 (US Bank has a 395 lease termination fee) for the V which I think is pretty good given the 39 month term. It took me quite a few hours to get this deal but what I had on my side was the fact that the car had been on their lot for 10 months and they were really motivated to sell this car on March 31st. The dealer is located in an affluent community that is mostly people 55 and older. I'm thinking not that many older folks want a 561 HP, 6 speed manual Cadillac. It was the only V stick on their lot and they had a few other V's including 3 automatic coupes. My car had 2 miles on when I took delivery but looks like it was curbed on the drivers side within those 2 miles. They replaced the wheels for me as part of the deal. My car sat in the dealers showroom and apparently had been there since shortly after they took delivery back in July 2010. The shipping manifest was still in the glove box which is how I knew when it was delivered.

Overall I am fairly pleased with my deal and I enjoy the car a great deal. I always feel like I could have done a bit better but after walking out of the dealer several times I just got to the point where it was not worth the additional 10-20 per month in savings and I really wanted the car.

Good luck!


06-12-11, 11:29 AM
Do they still have any 0% financing deals? I know this is a purchase vs a lease but when you do the math you can't beat free money.

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06-12-11, 11:45 AM
When I bought mine last month, they were offering 0% for 36 months. I opted for 2.9% on 48 months. Business expense for me so the interest wasn't a big deal. This on a purchase. I think my payment is $1180/mo counting an extended warranty to 5 yrs/100K and a trade for $20K. Takes me about 4 years to put 100K on.

06-12-11, 12:21 PM
I put down about $3K and my payment on an Ally 24 month lease with 10K miles per year is: $775.00 including 9.75% sales tax. I got GM Preferred pricing and I did have a good amount of rebates including GM loyalty, GM card rebates and a couple other rebates GM was offering at the time. This was back in February of this year on my 2011 V Coupe.

If I would have gone with a 36 month term with 10K miles per year with $3K down, I could have had a $695.00 payment including 9.75% sales tax. I don't keep cars very long, so I opted to go 24 months instead of 36 months, but I really should have gone with the 36 month lease term because I love the V Coupe more and more everyday I drive it. I will be sad when my lease is up. I could always buy the car at the end of the lease term. That's the great advantage of a vehicle lease. You aren't stuck with it unless you want to buy it at the end of the lease term!

I am in Los Angeles, but I got the car from James Quinn at Les Stanford in Dearborn, MI. PM me if you want his contact info. He is by far the best way to go and he had the lowest payment I could find anywhere!


06-13-11, 11:21 AM
Little bit of an update. Used a regular dealer who will sell at "invoice". Got these numbers..

The US Bank money factor for a 39 month lease on the cts-v coupe (auto trans) is .00025 with 12,000 mile/year & residual of .48 - There is also a Cap cost reduction rebate of $2650.

The Cap cost Reduction rebate must be applied as cash down in the lease.

With $1999 due at signing your monthly lease payment for 39 months (12K) is $841.83 a month. This is based off of them agreeing to give me car at invoice which is $63,300.

So $4650 total down (but $2650 given by GM), at 39 months - 12k yr = payment is $841.

Can definitely do better than that IMO.

I am contacting for GM Preferred Pricing at a few places I know - GM Preferred pricing + the $2650 cap cost rebate by GM - could make for some hopefully good numbers.

Would like opinions, and I will keep this thread updated.

06-28-11, 02:27 PM
on a loaded v coupe I was just offered a 10k mile, 39 month lease at $1050 with 2k down.

are you serious? the feds flooding the markets with cheap dollars and this is the best

gm and come up with- great credit. great gm customer. salesman said gm is just not interested in leasing these cars.

06-28-11, 08:25 PM
Payments are mainly based on the residual. A few dealers told me 47% through Ally, but online they say it's 58%.

07-09-11, 12:12 PM
Have a 2012 V-Cpe being ordered as soon as able to do so, may already have happened. Supposed to be a 2011 but dealer dropped the ball and we missed the cut-off:( Black Diamond, Recaros, No roof, no suede. Sticker $69K ish. 39 months, No cap reduction, first/last at signing, 10Kmi, w use tax and all fees- $975/mo. Think I could have pushed harder but love the car and didn't care:) Can't wait, should get it mid Aug.
BTW, as an aside, since dealer screwed up they have me in a FREE loaner CTS sedan (not V) since my CLS went back to dealer on 6/22. That is a STAND UP way of doing business.