View Full Version : Is there a 93 Allante database?

06-11-11, 12:07 PM
I was wondering if a 1993 Allante database exists that would allow someone to see all the vins with the options for each or something like that

I have a 93 with digital dash and dealer upgraded Chrome Wheels as well as dealer supplied hardtop (Have the documentation to show that the top was ordered with the ordering of the Car as a $6000 option !!)

Appreciate any help that you might be able to supply on this question

D Yaros
06-18-11, 05:01 PM
To my knowledge, no there is not such a database. The closet you will come to such is the CompNine web site at http://www.compnine.com/vid.php. Punch in your VIN and see what info you get.

06-19-11, 12:47 AM
what about the database at allante.us?

06-22-11, 03:50 PM
What does that database include?
How can I access it?

06-25-11, 12:10 PM
really appreciate some assistance here