: Hot Rod Power Tour

06-10-11, 11:37 PM
http://www.hotrod.com/powertour/2011/hrdp_2011_hot_rod_power_tour_locations_dates_regis tration/index.html

Just got back. Joined the tour in Indy. Thousands of cars all over the infield. Classics, muscle cars (I got a bad hanker'in for my one true love - another '69 Road Runner again :bigroll:), street rods, rat rods, antiques, customs, you name it, it was there. At the end, when they closed we got to drive a lap on the speedway (in a slow convoy :mad:), all though after they snap your picture crossing the finish line my buddy did nail it (as did most guys) and got up to about 80 MPH (I rode with him in his '99 Vette). Next morning we headed for Muskegon Mi. The tour took over the town. Probably the biggest thing Muskegon has seen in decades. Wasn't a hotel room to be had if you didn't book early (we booked a month ago and ended up 12 miles away in Whitehall, and where not alone). In the evening (as usual, all the gear heads are in the hotel parking lot drinking and oogling each others cars and a burnout contest erupts (as I am sure happened at most every hotel). LOTS of rubber was left on the hotel parking lot that night. Wandering the downtown and associated lots, looking (and drooling) at all the Detroit iron we stopped in front of a black XLR with the hood up and the engine revving. Who jumps out of the car yelling "I know that guy", but Gizmo (small world). The tour continued to Detroit this morning, but we broke off and headed back home. Gizmo joined the tour as we did in Indy (though we didn't see him there). He went on to Detroit. MANY of the cars there started at the beginning in Fla. and ran the entire tour. I believe next years tour will be from Detroit to Texas (six day run). They always start where last year ended. If you love Detroit Iron, this is an absolute must see event, even if you only make it to one of the stops. I can't even begin to explain it. It is the biggest traveling car show you'll ever see with everything from the mundane to the exotic and everything in between.

06-11-11, 01:02 AM
Yes, I was there and finally made it to Detroit. For what little of the tour I attended, I liked Mukegon best, but Detroit had the best PAVED parking lot for the participants. This was a new experience for me, but I will definitely be a long hauler (every stop, start to finish) next year. And GM Performance team had a semi with an area to fix broken cars - FOR FREE! I overheard a couple long hauler say GM gave one guy an LS3 motor (no charge) when his went south during the tour.

A great time was had by all! Kinda like here! The cars bring us together, but the camaraderie and friendships last long after the cars are no longer the focus. Of course I went searching for XLRs. We figured later today that there were at least 8 coming and going throughout the tour. Inwas able to corral these together.

Then later as I was about to pack up another came by.

I am happy to report there were plenty of Caddys represented. At least a dozen CTS-Vs were there and the vendors brought another dozen.

But, for me the classics were star attractions.


And like Ranger said, some of us had some fun from turn 1 to turn 2:


Gotta go to bed now, GM Proving Grounds open their gates for us from 8AM to 930AM; afterward, no one comes or goes till noon.

06-11-11, 08:21 AM
When the hearses are completed, one of them will definitely be on the next run!

06-12-11, 04:40 PM
I wanted to do a stretch in the ETC. I think the Roadmaster would fit in too though....

06-13-11, 12:03 AM
Me and the Lincoln Crew did a Power tour in 2007 From Cleveland Ohio to Little Rock AK that was a blast friends drove up from south over from the west coast and down from our nabors up north
there where about 20 of us in our Mark VIII's an a few Contiental there where atleast 10 Bill Blasts and half dozen town car's man that was fun
we all stayed with it the entire tour start to finish picked up a few others on the way