: auto-lock on 94 fleetwood? i want to customize my car

10-15-04, 12:29 AM
I was just wondering about the auto-lock feature which i believe is on some 93-96 fleetwoods.

The lock i mean is when you turn on the car the doors lock and when you turn off the car the locks should unlock.

Is this a feature of the factory door lock system or is this included in the fleetwood itself?

I have an aftermarket system that was installed a couple months after buying my 94 fleetwood bu it does not have auto-lock etc. and the alarm is too old and no one is familiar with it nowadays.

I was wondering is there something i could add to my caddy not the alarm but the caddy itself which would make the auto-lock function.

If this is not a function cadillac incorporated into their but actually into their alarm system then what I plan to do is just buy a better aftermarket system that'll have this auto-lock system.

So basically in case i confused anyone i just want to know if i can ad something to my caddy to make it autolock or is it the alarm that does this?

10-15-04, 12:37 PM
The auto-lock feature is tied to the shifting somehow. It locks when engaged in gear and unlocks when placed in park.

It's a pain in the but when you want to just drop someone off though.

10-15-04, 05:25 PM
The doors locking when you start the car sounds like something aftermarket. The way HotRodSaint said they work is what it does.

10-15-04, 06:21 PM
Oh then for this setup is it tied into the factory fleetwood alarm or is tehre a part i can buy to add to my fleet so they'll lock according to the colulm position in accordance to park and drive etc.?

10-15-04, 09:07 PM

I have one '94 with the Theft Deterrent System and one '94 without it. Both Fltwds have the Remote Keyless Entry, but I have seen documents that indicate the Remote Keyless Entry (RKE) was also optional equipment.

I know the RKE system operate differently, but why Cadillac made changes on the same model year I don't know. It may be the system operate differently with the Thelft Det. System (TDS), I'm not sure.

My car with out the TDS has the doors lock with the ignition key turning to start, and the doors unlock with the ignition key turning off.

The gearshift leaver operates the door locking system on my car which has the alarm system (TDS).

I read somewhere (can't find it now that I need it) that there may have been a safety issue which caused GM to change the door lock system to the one that locks with the ignition key. I checked the VIN #s and that car of mine was made later in the build cycle.

For what it's worth, the door locking system that is triggered by the gearshift lever has been installed on GM cars since the early to mid 1980's.

DOn't know if this info helps much. If I find the article I read about the door locking system, I'll pass it on to you.