: Toy Car Help

06-09-11, 11:17 AM
I know a lot of you guys collect toy cars. My systems engineer who works for me just bought a brand new 2012 Nissan GT-R Premium Coupe in Blue (real-lifesize megafast version). He pretty much spent his entire savings on his 2009 and traded up to get the 2012 recently because it was so much better. As a present, I'd like to buy him the toy car version... and surprise him. I know he'll appreciate it far more than the 15-40 bucks it costs me.

I can only find the 2009 online tho in black, I can't find the 2012 at all.

maybe someone more proficient in online shopping can point me in the right direction for the new model GTR...

He doesn't have the SPEC-V which isn't available in the states so I was hoping to find his exact car.

06-09-11, 06:03 PM
Screw it. Hes got a GT-R. He doesn't need any more toys.


06-09-11, 06:56 PM
Try contacting a Nissan dealership. You might pay more for it, but they'd definitely have one.

06-11-11, 01:14 AM
http://autoartmodels.com/web/product/en/1460?antiCache=130776861435299C0119976A2CAEB6989F3 3A474AB02A

I found it.

WE actually went for a ride in it today. It's actually the fastest, coolest, funnest, most technologically advanced car I've ever been in. The road control was amazing due to a lot of things including the AWD. I love how it's like an automatic standard controlled by computers..
I'd post a picture but I forget my photobucket password!