: Trunk Security

06-09-11, 05:23 AM
I have looked through the manual and maybe I am just missing this.

When the top is down and the car is locked the trunk release button still works. Is there a way to disable this?


06-09-11, 02:00 PM
Your trunk will not open unless you have the fob.

06-10-11, 05:05 PM
Stand out of range with your fob and go have someone else try it. It should not open.

08-26-11, 04:53 AM
I had a bad thing happen today. I went into Nordstroms for about an hour and when I returned I found my trunk open. There are a lot of expensive cars there and I assume someone was on my code. I have had several other experiences with my other cadillac, when I pushed my fob, another car trunk opened or it unlocked his doors. This could be bad in time.

Anthony Cundari
08-28-11, 07:58 PM
I was surprised when I first stood outside my 07 XLR after it locked and pressed the trunk release button under the dash and the trunk went up. The trunk will open with the top down, the car is locked and the fob nowhere in sight. What you can do is flip the valet switch to ON after the top is down. Then lock the glovebox. The trunk button under the dash no longer works. The trunk button on the fob no longer opens the trunk. The button on the trunk lid no longer opens the trunk. Also, the top up/down button is also disabled when the valet switch is ON. In other words, if the top is down, you can't put it up until the valet switch is flipped to OFF. It is covered in the owner's manual.

Anthony Cundari
08-30-11, 10:02 PM
I have had it happen several times on my 07 XLR. The first time was in Jan 2010 right after I got the car. I walked out of work and there was the trunk lid in the air. After 2 days the dealership couldn't find a problem. I'm sure it happened at a gas station and I know I didn't press the wrong button as the gas cap lid was open. About 2 weeks ago it happened again. I put the windows down at lunch time. Drove about a mile and half to a fast food place and got out. Left the windows down. As I walked away the horn honked indicating the car was locked and I looked back. The trunk lid was up in the air. It obviously didn't go up immediately as I walked toward the rear of the car as I headed into the restaurant and it wasn't going up. But 15 seconds later it was up in the air. I'm now using the valet switch if I have something expensive in the trunk and I hope that all the power is killed to the trunk lid opening system. Has anyone else had this problem?