View Full Version : 4.5 Overheating. Need help

06-09-11, 01:57 AM
I have 1989 cadillac deville 4.5
It just started overheating few days ago, and I am trying to tackle this problem this weekend with help of couple friends.


I need help identifying what part is causing the problem from the picture above.
and when I ran check engine code, I got F32. (I think it is something about ecm and bcm but i am not sure)

btw, I got my radiator changed from local garage last year around summer. (I got coolant changed at the same time)
my water pump, fan, and radiator seem to be working fine.

hopefully it wont be big problem

06-09-11, 03:39 PM
I dont see the picture.

How do you know it is overheating, and what temperatures are you seeing?