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10-14-04, 09:15 PM
Does anyone know whether the STS has the same rear axle as the CTS/CTS-V/SRX? My concern is the poor perfomance of these rears over time - see the CTS-V posts with respect to Service Bulletin that applies to CTS/CTS-V/SRX.

10-15-04, 01:09 AM
The issue you are refering to and I belive the main issue of the CTS-V rear end is the wheel hop. This is due to the suspension not being suffcient for the 400+ hp that the cts -v makes. Also that 6spd manual is alot harder on the rear than the autmatic would be. When you dump the clutch on a 400hp 400 ftlb motor you need a good setup in the rear to keep it together. I would not be concernd about it with the STS considering it has an slushy auto with 320hp northstar. If there was an issue i am sure they would resolve it before building it. But who knows for certain i guess only time will tell.

10-15-04, 05:14 AM
No, he's talking about the rear end whine that CTS owners are going through. Caddy has a bulletin out regarding the problem, and alot have been replaced. In fact, I believe they have a new part number for the rear.

10-15-04, 09:59 AM
Oh, i was unaware of that, I hope they dont have that problem with the AWD one i plan on getting. Anyone have any info?

10-15-04, 12:09 PM
Oh, i was unaware of that, I hope they dont have that problem with the AWD one i plan on getting. Anyone have any info?

Did people with the SRX AWD ever mention the rear differential whine as a problem? The AWD drivetrain from the SRX is what is used in the STS.

10-15-04, 07:07 PM
I was referring to the overall quality issues associated with all the Sigma based rears. I am not certain Caddy has chnaged from using the bad rears - the problem has been around since early in the 2004 model year on the CTS and has conitnued right up until and including the 2005 CTS/CTS-V/SRX. It almost seems that Caddy has modified an othewrwise generally reliable mundane part of the car with a new and unproven design (probably lighter in weight and more advanced to work with an independent rear suspension). This problem with the rear is what kept me from more seriously considering the CTS-V - I could deal with the wheel hop, but spending 50K for a car that has proven releiablity issues associated with a major component was a nonstarter.