View Full Version : Wiring rear lights for dingy towing

06-08-11, 09:09 PM
Has anyone wired up the 2011 srx for towing behind a motorhome? I have the kit from BlueOx (Bx8848) but having trouble with the install.

06-09-11, 11:17 AM
Bruce, it seems to me someone screwed up their SRX by towing it behind a motorhome.
I think he felt misinformed by his salesman. Please check into this before you tow.
As far as your question, sorry, I can't help you.

Oops, he was flat towing, sorry

Smokin' SRX
06-09-11, 11:40 AM

Jim is right about the towing. The non-turbo eng may be towed w/ all wheels on the ground (even with AWD) if placed in Neutral, by pressing override pin (under shift boot) up to 65MPH, unlimited distances. The Turbo has both lower distance and speed restrictions. See Owners Man, sec 10-101 for critical data (if you haven't already).

Haven't done the wiring myself, but most U-Haul/Ryder Truck Rental centers are great at assisting with this. Also, try BlueOx Customer service? I know they have a great on-line schematic. Maybe print out and take with you.

Good luck!