: Review on a 97 STS

06-08-11, 08:36 PM
Ordered a 35w 5000k kit for the low beams (bulb 9006) on my 97 STS, no additional relay wiring harness.

Took two or three weeks to arrive.

During installation there were only two problems, space for the ballasts and the clips on the plugs (car to ballast) being on the wrong side. The lights work after putting the plugs in the wrong (right?) way. I ended up bolting and zip-tying the ballasts to the metal wall behind and below the headlamp assemblies. I had to pull the headlamp assemblies completely out of the car to change the bulbs.

After adjusting the height of the beams, they seem well-focused and aren't blinding from a standing position in front of the car, but give good visibility (I'd say 125% of the old halogens) at night.

The shipping seemed to take a while, but the price wasn't too expensive and the kit seems to be of good quality.

06-09-11, 03:47 PM
Thank you for posting your feedback here. I see you did run into the reversed polarity issue on that car (hence why you had to flip the connector upside down). A lot of American manufacturers seems to mix and match how the headlights are wired so sometimes the polarity will be correct and sometimes not. Our kits are built to work on the Bosch standard which is typically always wired the same way. I'm glad you were able to easily solve the issue as there are various ways to flip the polarity when doing an HID install.

Fortunately our shipping times have sped up considerably since you ordered. I apologize you caught us during a pretty slow time for our shipping of HID kits.

I'm pleased you like the lights and they have helped your night driving. I'd love to see any photos you may have.