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Lord Cadillac
06-06-11, 10:53 AM

Night Wolf
06-06-11, 11:37 AM
Lincoln is still around?

06-06-11, 11:42 AM
Looks like a Toyota.

06-06-11, 11:50 AM
Halloween twelve months out of the year, no thanks! I know there is a need to differentiate yourself in the marketplace, but putting a "Jack-O-Lantern" face on a generic body is not the way to do it. There won't be one of these in my garage!

06-06-11, 11:56 AM
What's different about it? Looks like the same car after getting a little too hairy at the test track.

Night Wolf
06-06-11, 05:26 PM
Ford really needs to do something (good) with Lincoln. I don't think about Lincoln on a day to day basis... in fact, I don't even remember the last time I thought about Lincoln in general, though it was probably about my '96 Town Car when I did. Not saying my Town Car was without fault, but IMO it was about as perfect as a (90s era) modern day Lincoln could get. It was just excellent for what it was made to do.

All these new alphabet-soup models from Lincoln? Well, I haven't even been following along. They look ok-ish I guess, but they look so similar to the rebadged Ford's they are. I guess if I were to move into one from my '87 528e I'd be impressed (then again, maybe not...) but they are all FWD (or AWD - does nothing for me) automatics, correct? Even with the sweet EcoBoost engine - Ford should learn something from 90s GM: You can have an awesome engine and put it in a boring car driving the wrong wheels through a slush box, and the result is - boring. That being said if I was forced to buy a brand new car that cost the same as whatever the new Lincoln cost, I simply wouldn't buy a Lincoln. I'd buy, for example - any BMW with a real manual transmission I could even if it was a 1-series (heck a Mini...) and enjoy my time spent behind the wheel far more than I otherwise would.

Lincoln either needs to make over the top plush luxury cars the good ol' American way again (of which there probably isn't much of a market for) or step up its' game and build something that actually competes with the cars setting the standards. As it is now they've got rebadged versions of boring cars. The new Taurus doesn't do a thing for me - the new Taurus with a different front end, Lincoln badges and an even higher (from an already high) price - why?

On the other online vehicle message boards I frequent, Cadillac doesn't really get much spot light, but now and then it's mentioned.... Lincoln? (insert tumbleweed blowing). About the only time I ever hear anything about Lincoln is if someone mentions the real classics, or shares mob stories from a drive by in an old Town Car...

Night Wolf
06-06-11, 05:28 PM
On second look, the Aztec next to it really doesn't look all that bad now. I guess it really was just before its' time.

06-06-11, 08:01 PM
I think it looks like it should have Mitsubishi Galant badges on it.

06-06-11, 08:36 PM
Even more ugly.

06-06-11, 09:03 PM
Heinous! WTF is up with the American car makers these days? :confused:

06-06-11, 09:29 PM
Wow, no mention of the omnipotent Alan Mulally in this thread? I thought he was never wrong?

cadillac kevin
06-06-11, 09:55 PM
damn- someone wrecked the test car already.

cadillac kevin
06-06-11, 09:57 PM
body of taurus+toyota headlights+ pontiac nose+ tons of cheapo gray plastic=lincoln?
did lincoln hire hyundais designers?

06-06-11, 10:08 PM
Lincoln needs to go away already. As much as I love the older Lincolns, they were truly awesome cars, I own a 61 Continental so I know how great they are. it's modern day brand is an utter mess though:thumbdown:.

The sides and rear are so bland, that front end looks ok, it does sorta have a Camry look, including the Jacko-Lantern reference:lolsign:

Lincoln isn't a relevant brand anymore. I haven't see any new Lincolns driven around here, it's all new Jap-Euro luxury. Cadillacs are around, a lot more than Lincolns that's for sure.

06-06-11, 10:14 PM
body of taurus+toyota headlights+ pontiac nose+ tons of cheapo gray plastic=lincoln?
did lincoln hire hyundais designers?

They had too, the similarities are there! lol.

Another reason for Lincolns struggles, luxury car buyers are not fooled by Lincoln's Ford sharing tactics. The MKZ = dressed up Ford Fusion, MKS= Taurus , MKT= Ford Flex.

Lincolns are not unique or distinctive enough to lure buyers from Cadillac and it's competitors.
I least back in the day Lincoln could make that claim, not anymore.

06-07-11, 02:12 AM
body of taurus+toyota headlights+ pontiac nose+ tons of cheapo gray plastic=lincoln?
did lincoln hire hyundais designers?

That's an insult to Hyundai.

06-07-11, 03:03 AM
Let's see how ye olde Lincoln product line shakes out right now...

-MKZ... *Snooze*... no competition for the CTS like... at all. The only claim to fame for that entire model is a semi-affordable Hybrid. Frankly, the Mazda 6 is one generation of this platform newer and probably a better overall car. The really sad part about this? They could have continued producing the DEW98 LS with appropriate refreshes and updates, and had a FAR better vehicle. All the more poignant when you consider that Jaguar took EXACTLY this approach with the XF, which is no more than a modified continuation of the S Type. And the XF, by all accounts, is a solid car with decent sales.

-MKS... Rebadged Taurus... A decent enough (and arguably better looking) car AS the Taurus, and particularly the SHO. As the build quality, materials and features are mostly available in a top of the line Taurus, there is no real point in buying the Lincoln version at all. I'd have less of a problem with this car if some reasonable effort was put in to give it some real differentiation. But Lincoln is fooling no one with this massive rolling appliance.

-MKX... Quite possibly the one shining star in Lincoln's arsenal of duds, and only because this is one case where the Lincoln treatment looks better and more upscale than the Edge. Crossover buyers DO tend to buy luxury brands when they can, and right now the MKX with EcoBoost and MyLincolnTouch definitely presents a more attractive proposition than the SR-equinoX. At least until that vehicle gets the updated engine.

-MKT... Utter and absolute shamless brand engineering just for the sake of doing it, plugging no current "hole" in the lineup. With the Navigator at the top of the lineup (more on that in a moment) and the MKX below, and with as GOOD as the Ford Flex was on its own... it was just a silly idea. Worse yet, it came out looking like an oversized dung beetle on steroids. Worthless. I suspect however that this "truck" is waiting in the wings for the retirement of the Navigator... which I guess would give it some more relevance.

-Navigator... Outclassed, outstyled, and out-powered by the Escalade (and not much cheaper), its only hope at this point is to receive an infusion with at least one of the new Ford truck power plants. And while Ford would never do it, axing the Expedition and leaving the Navigator alone at Lincoln WITH these updates, would drive a good number of buyers to the Lincoln division. The Expedition has moved decidedly upscale over the years extending all the way into King Ranch and Limited versions... so moving everything but fleet and government to the Navigator is not all that hair-brained of an idea. Nevertheless, it's more likely both of these will pass through the chopping block in the next year or two. Not one iota has been whispered about a possible update for either, at least the last time I checked.

When you put all that together, you have a pretty damn weak-sauce lineup. Ford helped itself partly by at least axing Mercury... but my fear is Lincoln is going to move downscale and just take Mercury's place, rather than being supported as the true luxury brand that it is.

06-08-11, 06:31 AM
I think you may be right. I used to really like Lincoln, but as I look at the lineup, I think it's more akin to taking over Mercury's spot than competing with Cadillac and the imports. Ford has lost their way here. Spiffy engines and all wheel drive do not make for showroom magnets.

Old style luxury cars like the Town Car probably aren't going to be bought by the current 50+ crowd who don't want to drive their "parents car" but Lincoln needs something that can battle head to head with the largest Lexus and MD models. Ford is making the same mistake with Lincoln that GM made 15 years ago - too much badge engineering and too much front drive.