: 89 Brougham Door Handle

10-14-04, 02:04 PM
I am new to the group and I am also a new owner of an 89 White Brougham 5.0L. Burgandy Interior. I have been wanting one to fix up and customize for a long time and I finally found one and the price was to good to pass on. High miles 142K but body is in great shape. Interior looks new except for a crack on the drivers side seat. Everything works. Older gentleman owned it and bought a new one so he sold this one. Anyhow the inside Drivers side door handle is broke and I am going to need to fix it. Does anyone know if the 89 is compatible with other years on this. I plan on going to the salvage yard to get one and was wondering if the 89 model was compatible with other models on the door handle. Also if anyone has done this....Is it a pain and are there any quirky tricks?

Any help would be appreciated

barge master
10-14-04, 02:22 PM
Any 80's one should fit. It's no worse than any other door panel removal. I've found it a little hard to get the switch panel off the armrest, but that's about it. :welcome: