: Classifided/For sale section question.

06-05-11, 03:48 PM
So I am fairly new to the site and desperately looking for a V. Looking high and low for one at a good price. Never mind some of the ridiculous offers I've got but there is one that has come to my attention.

Now my question is, the auction format in the classifieds section; how does that work? If I place a bis, is it binding between both parties and would the listing note any variable, ie reserve price? Or is the number stated on the auction a starting point and whatever the last price is, that is the winning bid.

If anyone can rectify, that would be great. I was looking for a FAQ section and such, but can't find one. I'm sure it is mentioned somewhere, just not looking in the right places.

Thanks guys!

06-05-11, 09:20 PM
As far as I know, the classifieds are just that, same as a newspaper, not an auction. There should be a contact for the seller. The rest is between you two.

06-06-11, 07:13 AM
Ok. Only reason I ask is because there are a few listings in the Classifieds section that are auction type. There is an opening price, bid amount, etc. I wanted to know if I were to bid and no one else bid, is the bid a contract and is the last bid a final price? Unless this is a scam, i don't know. I JUST WANT A VEEEEEE!!!!

06-06-11, 01:43 PM
that is just how the site owner has it set up. I don't think anyone has actually used it that way, or at least had any success. Just contact the owner of the listing like you would with any classified.