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06-05-11, 02:51 PM
Mazda has announced that it will cease making cars in the U.S. and close its' existing plants. The company is also looking to discontinue its' agreements with Ford for sharing of products.

I hope this doesn't mean Mazda is pulling out of the American market, seeing as , in my opinion, they produce some of the more attractive Japanese cars marketed here.

cadillac kevin
06-05-11, 04:41 PM
IMO mazdas are the best looking car line OVERALL from japan. I really hope they dont go away (kinda nice to see something besides the lame civics and corollas). not to mention I love the RX-_ cars.
but maybe now ford will put real horns in their trucks. all of my dad's econolines have had mazda horns. his current one is a E350 super duty w/ the 7.3 turbo diesel and the horn gives a little high pitched "meep".

06-05-11, 11:26 PM
That's a Ford thing. Most Americans use their horns to greet people/announce arrivals, etc. In more horn-loving markets like India and China they get louder and beefier setups. I remember watching something on it a couple of weeks ago (I know, I was bored).

06-06-11, 01:30 AM
Woohoo! \o/!

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06-06-11, 01:48 AM
^ The Cadillac train/trumpet horn is one of my favorite things about the older models. Wish they still had it on the newer ones.

Its kind of old news that Mazda/Ford went their seperate ways. I didn't know Mazda was closing plants in the US, as I didn't think they made anything over here in this country besides the rebadged Mazda Tribute(Ford Escape) and B series(Ford Ranger) trucks. Interesting option for them to move production back in Japan, especially with a strong Yen we have now.

06-06-11, 05:40 AM
I rather buy a Mazda made in Japan anyways than a US made one.

Mazda is one of the sexier Japanese automakers. Their designs have great styling to them compared to what Honda and Toyota is spitting out. The Mazda 3 is a very good car, and I see a ton of them on the freeways out here in California. I got to test drive it a few months ago, and I know why so many people have bought them. They are quick, have a great quality interior materials, the dash is cool looking, and the overall execution of the exterior styling is spot on for a smaller car. It really looks like a Lexus from the rear in silver, the car has a luxury design to it.

The car is also really quiet, it truly doesn't feel like a $20,000 car. Maybe $30,000. The features that are available to you is a much better value than a Civic and Corolla. You get more for your money with the Mazda 3, more power, better styling, more features, better refinement, better ride quality than any other economy size Japanese car.

I have been pleasantly surprised with Mazda lately, they don't get all the press, or is heavily noticed by many, but it's a blessing in disguise and will keep Mazda focused on retaining their edge over it's competitors by slipping under the radar. Honda and Toyo has the naming recognition behind them, but Mazda has the motivation to prove people wrong.

06-06-11, 05:44 AM
I've always said that in the compact car market, the little Mazda 3 is ironically, the most like its' "3 Series" namesake than any of the others. And by that I simply mean that it is the downright funnest to drive, with the highest quality interior materials.

The Mazda 6 is also a fantastic car in its' segment.