: junkyard trim

06-05-11, 11:19 AM
you would think junkyard car of same age would have similar worn parts. found a car in yard with engine hvac cover that is mint. still soft and no cracks. mine is wasted. shift knob is pristine. mine is worn/dirty. radio buttons are perfect. mine are cracked/broken. this is a 15yr old car. the nice pliable hvac cover is odd. why is mine shot but the yard car so nice? but than my car is running and not in boneyard.

06-06-11, 09:48 AM
got the new shift knob. very nice shape. found a eldo with a good wood dash piece. pass side plastic vent was broke in the rear. they all are. can bond vent to wood with adhesive. once you take off about 10 dash pads, it becomes easier to remove dash wood without breaking it.

07-07-11, 02:26 AM
So many different factors. Some people dont drive thier cars as much, some keep them garaged, some people take great pride in cleaning and keeping everything protected. Is yours a daily driver?