: Issues with a 94 Fleetwood

06-04-11, 03:56 PM
Recently purchased a 94 Fleetwood. I know NOTHING about cars and everyone I know who works on cars acts as if a cadillac is some kind of alien vehicle. I just keep hearing "I don't know anything about cadillacs":(
The check engine and the anti-lock break lights are on. I found instructions on here that walked me through getting the codes for the car and I came up with two
"00"-63 and "04"-23
I found what they mean but it still doesn't really mean anything to me and I'm having trouble getting more information. I'm just looking for someone to explain the codes and maybe offer insight into what they mean for my car, how important it is to get them fixed, and possibly an estimate as to how much they'll cost to get fixed? Help?

Also, I've run into a bit of an issue with the antitheft system. Didn't know there even was one until my sister was trying to unlock the car and it started going off. She managed to get in because one of the back doors was left unlocked but now I'm scared to lock the stupid car because apparently it just occasionally doesn't recognize my key. Anybody have any idea what thats about or how it could be fixed?
And when the alarm does go off, is there a way to shut it up aside from waiting it out?

06-04-11, 05:00 PM
63: Bank 2 (right) Heated oxygen sensor(HO2S) circuit (open circuit), change the passenger side 02 sensor, check for melted or damaged wires

23: RF wheel speed sensor circuit continuity malfunction, again change that sensor on passenger front wheel, check for damaged wires.

should solve your problems

06-04-11, 06:11 PM
Easy fixes. Tell your mechanic friends that it a RWD caddy with the LT1, same thing as the caprice. O2 sensor is real easy and should be fixed, wheel sensor doesn't affect driving, just ABS.