: cooling fans 89 Allante

06-04-11, 01:22 AM
Hello fellow Allante owners, I am new to this site, as a owner of an 89 I have a problem. the coolng fans are on hi as soon as the Allante is started they do not sut off until the ign. is turned off. it appears that someone has wired the fans directly you the run mode any help would be greatly apprecated

Stu ( in B.C. Canada

06-07-11, 11:04 AM
Our fan control module fails and allot of people bypass it, the modle is located behind the bumper and Johnny Monzo from CadillacAllanteClub.com sells it he can be reached at 609-634-6518

06-07-11, 11:31 AM
Thanks abweiss, I did have a feeling it has been bypassed, I know Eldo has the same module, nothing in NOS is avaible through GM. I will be in contact with the Cadillac Allante club. once again thanks Stu

06-08-11, 07:29 AM
I received mine from Dick Hussey at Allantesource.


06-11-11, 10:51 AM
The Eldo and Seville modules are located on the radiator support and seem to last longer in the air stream. On my 88 it failed to go to max fan speed and I replaced it with a Seville PICK N PULL one.